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Scenic Ridge Farm

 We offer shipping and local delivery from our Farm to your Fork.

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"Experience our Berkshire pork, a taste and quality that can't be  replicated."

" Farrow to Finish- Our  Berkshire pigs are bred, farrowed and raised on our farm."


About Us

 Since 2018 SRF has been bringing farm to table deliveries of fresh eggs and veggies to our local customers. Soon after we added quality pork and beef products to those deliveries. We are very proud of not only the products we deliver, but the ethical and quality raising of our animals.  If you are just checking us out, welcome!

  Scenic Ridge Farm is located in Rockbridge County Virginia.

   We started a single swine farrowing operation in 2019.  A year later plans were already in motion to increase that breeding operation.  Today we have several sows and we are working on both a commercial and registered line of Berkshire pigs.  This will allow us to provide more finished pork product to customers, while also providing weaned feeder pigs to local farmers, families and local 4-H members.  In addition to pork we offer grass finished beef,fresh eggs and seasonal veggies and honey.

  We hope you will follow along with us and experience the taste of fresh locally grown food that is delivered right to your door.

Take Care,

Brad Emily and Family


Farrow to Finish

Our Berkshire pig operation is a complete farrow to finish.  That means our hogs are born and raised all in the same location~ our farm!  We consider that a pretty big accomplishment and are proud to offer that not only to our customers but our own family as well.

Questions & Answers

Where is Scenic Ridge Farm located?

South West Virginia, Rockbridge County

What products do you offer?

Scenic Ridge Farm offers- Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork, Grass Fed Beef, Pasture Raised Chevon (goat meat), free range chicken eggs, seasonal honey and vegetables.  We occasionally offer the option of whole and halves on beef & pork depending on availability and when the request was submitted with an appropriate lead time.

Are you certified organic?

  We are not organic.  What we are certified in is mindful animal husbandry, hard work, and respect for the animals and land we raise.  We believe in raising animals and treating them with respect. We believe there is a balance in animal health, nutrition, prevention and maintanence.  We strive to meet that balance on a daily basis.  In return our animals help nurish our families and the customers we serve.  

Are your chickens free range?

  By literal definition absolutely!  Our chicken nest in a portable wagon that was made into a chicken house.  We move the wagon when needed.  The chickens wake up each day and roam the pastures with the cows, goats and pigs. 

Do you raise pig breeds other than Berkshires

Short answer is yes.  While we do breed the occasional cross breed, our primary focus in our meat selection is Pasture Raised Berkshire Pork.  We feel the quality and taste of it is like no other pork!  So, Berkshire meat is all that goes into our Scenic Ridge Farm pork selection.  If we happen to breed anything other than a pure bred Berkshire, those pigs are sold to local farmers or 4-H kids looking for fair projects!

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